Conflicts between cats and humans usually arise when their natural prey is scarce due to human activities such as hunting and habitat occupation. In most cases, when a puma or a jaguar attacked livestock, the situation is "solved" with the sacrifice of the feline, which has caused a serious decline in jaguars populations in the Osa Peninsula. Some studies show that pumas and jaguars do not attack livestock if they have enough prey in the forest and through all these years, we have evidence that cats and other animals can exist in the same areas as human beings without cause them any harm. For this reason, we initiated a program (currently only in Central America), which gives a monetary compensation to the owners of domestic animals –mostly to cattle ranchers- whose animals have been preyed upon by a puma or a jaguar, while working directly with local communities (cattle ranchers, poachers, property owners and their employees) trying to help them implement sustainable alternatives that will help them coexist peacefully with wildcats.

Picture 1. We compensate a property owner in La Tarde, by the loss of several sheep caused by a puma.

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